Sweet Violet Liqueur

On sunday, walking through the fields near my house, I walked along a field where I haven't been before.

Imagine my delighted surprise when I looked up to a shady banking and saw thousands of sweet violets.
The scent was wonderful.

Luckily I had a small cotton bag in my pocket and  I set about collecting as many violets as possible.
I didn't feel guilty about taking them as there were so many  of them.                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                        When I arrived home I weighed my stash of violets, but they only weighed just over 100g. It takes a lot of picking to gain quantities worth while for making conserves, liqueurs etc.                                              

Violet Liqueur Recipe 
100g violets (without stems)
200g sugar
400 ml alcohol  (90°)
700ml  filtered water


Put the violets into a tightly sealed jar/ bottle with the alcohol and let infuse for 12 hours.
Melt the suger in boling water for a few minutes and let cool.
Remove violets from alcohol and blend into porridge.
Add violet mix to sugar solution and leave in sealed jar/bottle for 12 hours.
Mix alcohol and sugar solution together filtering out as much of violet mix as possible.
Filter with muslim or fine gauze.(As many times as necessary)
Bottle and store for at least a month in a dark place.




  1. I was expecting it to be violet (I realise now that you would have to use just the petals to get violet). It turned a lovely violet at first and then a green/violet later. It didn't photograph very well, as it changes colour depending on the light. It tastes nicer than it looks....really!


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