A Hanging Slug and Flapping Wings

 When I opened  the shutters this morning I was surprised to see this slug dangling on a thread of mucus. I was very puzzled as I didn't think that slugs had such spider-like tendancies. I thought maybe it had become entangled in a web but as I peered closer I could see the thread, which was gradually becoming longer. The slug was actually twisting about and craning it's little eye stalks to see where it was going.

I grabbed the camera, took this photo and shreiked as the slug bunjeed to the ground. Splat, the poor thing landed badly. When I came out to the window a little while later the sky had clouded over and it was full of birds, pigeons, no doves, I think.

The little slug had recovered and was on it's way to a flower pot full of water. I have no idea what it had been doing on the roof.? After a quick search of google images I discovered that I'm not the first to photo an acrobatic slug. Apparently it's the leopard slugs preferred way of  mating!
I will  never sprinkle one of them with salt again.


  1. Interesting to see the slug in the air.
    While the photos of birds blacks in the
    cloudy sky could be a scene from a
    Hitchcock film.
    (We're almost neighbors, I live in ER)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Loretta.....we have lots in common :)


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