Healthy Halloween Potent Pom Potion

 This is going to be a very quick post to say Happy Halloween, if you are  still celebrating it.

When I first came to Italy,  Halloween wasn't a big deal here. However,  We always celebrated it when my kids were younger and invited their friends over to join in the fun. Italian kids usually only dress-up at Carnival.  I think I enjoyed it more than them; preparing pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating with the neighbours, cooking horrific food and designing menus etc etc. Since then Halloween has gradually been adopted in Italy, but more in a commercial sense. You can buy sweets, decorations and outfits  in the shops, but not many people actually create anything.

I remember as a kid in  north-west UK I loved trick or treating, although we hadn't even seen a pumpkin in those days. My Dad actually carved a lantern out of a turnip for me, no mean feat, turnips are pretty hard.

Potent Pomegranate Potion

5/6 pomegranates
5/6 oranges (blood oranges if possible)
2 spoons of elderberry tincture (or 1 glass blueberry juice if not possible)
Sparkling water (optional)

Squeeze the fruit to get as much juice as possible (save some pomegranate seeds to put in the bottom of the glasses). Add some elderberry tincture. I made it a while ago following the instructions @ deeprootsathome.com. Mix in a large jug. If you make it for Halloween you could make a frozen hand. I used a washed surgical glove and froze some watered down juice for 24 hours. If you prefer a longer drink  top it up with sparkling water.
The frozen hand looked great, but I had to break it to fit it into the jug. The floating fingers were  rather creepy, but didn't last very long.
This  juice drink is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, tastes good, not to mention it's an  immune booster.

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  1. ooh very cool! the punch sounds delicious - perhaps I'll make some this weekend.

  2. Cheers Carol! A splash of vodka or gin would also probably blend very well!


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