Pomegranate Liqueur

 Here the pomegranates are just about at their peak. Everyday they are  redder and  a  little more swollen . If they are not collected in the next few days they will start bursting open or dropping to the ground.

A few days ago, while walking my dog I was contemplating when I should pick them. It was a lovely sunny day.  While walking I came upon this basket of mushrooms/funghi.  I heard a rustling noise and looked up to see the mushroom forager who was reaching for some high up pomegranates along the banking at  the side of the road.
"Signora, Vuole due melagrani?"  he called to me.
( Lady, Would you like a couple of pomegranates?)
"Certo! Molto gentile. Sta attento!" I responded.
 (Ofcourse, that's very kind. Be careful!)
He did look like he may slip at any  moment.

These are the pomegranates that he gave to me.

An unexpected gift that answered my question about when I should collect the pomegranates.
I went out later with a bag to collect some more.
The day after it rained. And also for  the next two days.

I  received another unexpected gift this week from a neighbour. A jar of local "acacia" honey, a jar of caramelised figs and plum jam.

I love making and giving gifts, but I also appreciate receiving them, especially the unexpected  type of gifts mentioned in this post.

Harvest or/and make something and give it to someone  soon. It will make their day and yours
too,  guaranteed.


Here's the recipe I used to prepare the pomegranate liqueur infusion. I think it originates from Puglia. There are many different versions of the recipe. There is no right or wrong way, it all depends on your personal taste. Some people prefer more or less alcoholic, some dryer or sweeter, etc.
There are recipes that just use the juice others state that the seeds should be dried under the sun for a few days. (It's too humid here now but I do think using whole fruit with stones or seeds improves the flavour and adds depth).  I have adapted the recipe to suit my own ideas.

Pomegranate Liqueur

500/600g of pomegranate seeds 
(5-7 pomegranates)
1 litre 90° alcohol
half cinnamon stick
half orange rind (dried a little)
1200ml filtered water
250g sugar

Cut the pomegranates in half.  Loosen the edges a little and bang on the uncut side with a wooden spoon . You can see a great, short video of how @

Add the seeds and juice to the alcohol  in a sealable sterilised jar. Add the cinnamon and orange peel.
Place in a cool dark place and agitate every now and then.

After one month strain. Melt the sugar in the water, allow to cool and add to the infusion. Leave for at least another month and then filter again if necessary and bottle.
If you can't buy 90° alcohol you could use 2 litres of vodka or gin and no water and put all the ingredients together at the beginning. Shake every day until the sugar dissolves.

Enjoy and gift...

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  1. I planted a pomegranate bush in spring, it didn't fruit this year, I hope it does next year so I can try this liqueur recipe.

  2. Let's hope so, pomegranates are amazing and a superfood ;)

  3. love pomegranates! we have loads of them here in Turkey for a long time! I will keep your recipe in mind; great idea!

    1. Hey Ceren, Lovely to hear from you... Do you make pomegranate syrup?

    2. I havent got a single clue how to make pomegranate syrup! If you like I can search the net and see what I can find for you? Have you tried the Turkish pomegranate syrup? It is sour-sweet and it is used in the salad dressing and in certain types of dolmas here! It is delicious really!

    3. I can remember it as an ingredient in lots of your recipes: )It sounds lovely.


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